• A new recipe to pair with our Marchesa Clementina: anchovies "sotto pesto"

    Today we want to share with you a traditional recipe for your homemade aperitivo: anchovies "sotto pesto"


    12 oz salted anchovies

    4 oz parsley

    4 cloves of garlic

    4 dry chili peppers

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    First thing to do is to remove the excess of salt, washing them with water; then remove the bones.

    Thinly slice the parsley, the garlic and the peppers. Put them in a bowl and cover with abundant Extra Virgin Olive Oil before adding the anchovies. Let it sit for a few hours before serving on a toasted slice of bread together with a glasss of our Metodo Classico Marchesa Clementina. Cheers!