• The new winery

    In 2004 the new winery was built in the heart of the property, where the estate’s œnological tradition meets the most avant-garde technologies.

    After the harvest the wine ferments at controlled temperature
    with indigenous yeasts, inside stainless steel tanks
    with the “submerged cap” technique.

    Thanks to this type of fermentation,
    it is possible to obtain intense colours and flavours
    and honour the style of Brunello di Montalcino.

  • Large French oak barrels

    Five metres under the vinification cellar the winery keeps its large French oak barrels used for aging the wines.

    The winery selects the best French oak
    to be used for its barrels directly from the source.

    The oak beams season outside for at least 4 years
    before being used by the cooper for the barrels.

    Since it is completely underground,
    the cellar’s temperature and humidity are naturally ideal,
    which allows an optimal aging and storage of the wine