• History

    Lavinio Franceschi, land owner from Florence, decided to visit the area after hearing the stories from a shepherd, who brought his herds around Montalcino during the winter. He fell so much in love with the landscape and the people who lived in that area that he decided to buy land and establish a farm.

    Generation after generation, many resources were spent on research for quality, clonal selections, winemaking and aging techniques, and also by building a modern winery for the standards at that time.

    Il Poggione was one of the first wineries to market the Brunello di Montalcino wine as early as the 1900’s, and one of the founding members of the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium.

    After more than a Century, Lavinio Franceschi’s work is still a fundamental point of reference for his successors, Leopoldo and Livia, who continue to develop the business with that same dedication and unrelenting passion, combining the ancient skills of winemaking crafts and tradition with the latest, most innovative techniques.

  • Tenuta Il Poggione covers an area of 530 hectares (1300 acres), of which 140 hectares (336 acres) are planted with vines and 50 hectares (120 acres) with olive trees; the rest are dedicated to grain fields, forest and livestock.

    The estate’s guiding principle is to pay great care to the vines, because the secret of producing great red wines lies in the high-quality vineyard work.

    In the light of a sustainable agriculture,
    the winery has always planted different crops
    along the vineyards and limited the use of chemicals.

    Most recently, it has installed solar panels on the roof of its cellar,
    with the purpose to reduce the carbon footprint of its wines.

    The vineyard work is mainly manual,
    for the harvest and for the other jobs.

    Thanks to the practice of the green harvest,
    the monitoring of the vineyards’ health conditions
    and the soil’s nutritional needs,
    it is possible to obtain an excellent wine even in more difficult vintages.