• The harvest continues

    We continue the harvest of the grapes, but for tomorrow we are expecting some rain

    We are finally expecting some rain for Tomorrow. Despite the big difference of temperatures between day and night, with highs around 34°C and lows at 16°C, the vines are suffering. Our estate’s oldest vineyards, Paganelli, makes an exception. Thanks to the soil, the works we have made but mainly thanks to the deep roots, it is still in good health. The leaves are open and the vine still has some new vegetation on its top and the grapes are moving close to ripening. We removed the bunches that were burnt by the sun so then we will hand pick only the best grapes to make, even in this vintage, our Riserva.

    Meanwhile, we have harvested the Sangiovese for Rosè, the Merlot and the Cabernet grapes used for our IGT wine and we will go on with a first selection of Sangiovese.